What exactly are Ground Source Heat Pumps?

Whenever you think of Ground Source & Geothermal Heat Pumps, you think about significant ground temperatures that may deliver very economical performance.

Closed Loop Borehole
Flow/return pipes functioning down/up inside of a single borehole to depths of 150m + (several boreholes within a system array).

Horizontal Collector
Pipes within the ground at circa 1200 to 1500mm deep operate horizontally, with nearly all of the thermal collection being solar/surface heat derived due to the shallow collector depth (valuable ground geothermal heat pumps temperature begins at 15m depth).

Open Loop Borehole
Good levels of Heat Pump efficiency are achieved a result of the trustworthy temperatures that may be delivered from aquifer systems.
Here, a flow borehole as click here well as a separate return borehole flow into ground/aquifer water to the Heat Pump.

All three methods offer application advantages to appropriate projects and may be configured as primary ground source collector-driven heat pump systems, or air/ground dual-source systems to cut back civil costs wherever needed.

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