Oilon Heat Pumps with Pure Thermal

With a recent move to a new manufacturing facility, Oilon Heat Pumps is now developing on its sizeable Nordic & Scandinavian experience, to produce new marketplaces with a recent transfer into the American Heat Pump market, together with their UK growth with Pure Thermal.

Oilon is a leader in the well-established Nordic & Scandinavian Heat Pump sector, with sizeable expertise from process waste heat recovery through to large-scale district heating systems.

With regards to applications, the Process & Manufacturing sectors are ideal for the Oilon range, along with HVAC sector projects which are also perfectly matched to the flexibility of Oilon Heat Pumps.

Oilon Heat Pumps deliver fantastic scope for both designers and end consumers to satisfy probably the most stringent project requirements. With deliverable output temperatures from 35C up to 120C, and full scalability to satisfy solitary-device projects through to multi-megawatt district heating schemes.

With a UK progress goal, the complete selection of Oilon Heat Pumps is currently provided by Pure Thermal as a UK get more info associate distributor, delivering an entire design through to PPM assistance service.

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